Motor Biking LARGE FILIPINO - tribute


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Feb 14, 2008
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True enough about LP. I often think that about quite a few of the innovators that used to frequent these pages on a daily basis, it was different back then.

Yes, things were simple. The groundwork and foundation was set for the future of MB's. I too think about my beginning few years. Lots of very cool guys with the same dream. Building a brotherhood of MB riders which would change the way people viewed small engines on a bicycle. Getting strong enough to change laws, etc.

Things just got to big-too fast. Because of a few "bad eggs" the original group lost focus and the vision was lost. I do have to say the talent and the MB builders have come a long way though. Lots of amazing talent here. For me, It's impossible to keep up with the hundreds of posts a week. Way too big of a ship for me. I have to give a lot of credit to the moderators for their hard work keeping up with this monster.