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    hello im looking to do a new prodject that will probly be a motor trike, what is the best kit to buy for this trike? the most effeicent, fastest and best accerating kit under 50ccs, how about the staton kits? hows the staton dual engine kit? any other better kits then staton kits? also u got any other cool ideas i can do to the trike?

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    hheltzer, a couple of questions first.

    1) What type of trike? (delta or tadpole?)

    2) Recumbent, upright, crank forward - what seating position do you contemplate?

    3) What look are you going for? If you want a frame mounted engine on a delta trike, then the suggestions might be much different from if you want a rear rack mounted engine on a recumbent tadpole.

    In other words, to answer your questions you need to give us information to work with.
  3. wheelbender6

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    Conventional, grocery getting trikes seem to work well with frame mounted 2 strokes or rear mounted gocart engines. The recumbent trikes (one wheel in the rear) often do well with a rack mount.
    Electric hub motors can be used on either.
    With more info we may be able to help you find something well suited to your trike.
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    Wheelbender...I started a thread on this forum (10 down from where you are now, named Trailmate Meteor & Gas Power. The build is well documented and there are numerous might want to take a look. I put a Staton-Inc gearbox and Robin-Subaru engine on a Trailmate Meteor delta recumbent trike . It is quite stable and very quick. Another delta trike I would like to try is Trailmate's "Low-rider" with the same engine/gear box set up. It looks like it would be a little rocket! (Dave Staton has a picture of it in his gallery.

    But, keep looking, reading, and asking questions...there are some fine builders with a lot of knowledge around here.
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