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    I hope I get replies on this subject that will help me along with other on this forum. Where and/or who is a good place to buy Grubees from ? I saw a post several days ago asking if anyone had purchased or knew anything about
    I've noticed during my searches, if you go to Gasbike's or Kingsmotorbikes websites, they have the same contact phone number and their sites ar very, very similar. What's up with that ? Supposedly two different companies, but with the same telephone number ?
    Thanks !

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    Go to the VENDORS section.
    Start looking for what you want.
    If still not sure flip a coin.
    If you have not built one of these dyi projects just do it, they are all a HOOT.
    Reading through this forum you will get the pros and cons. It boils down to personel choice.
    Have not found any kit package that is ideal for me.
    There are different carbs,exhaust, sprokets,and chains. Not only engines.
    There are 47cc,48cc,49cc,50cc,66cc and 72cc. 2 stroke or 4 stroke.
    Scooter and go cart parts can be used on these.
    The donor bikes vary in size and shape.
    Is going to be a frame mount,front or rear tire drive.
    There are many options. Try to remember these are china motors not BMW as a vendor told me and I agree. Someone posted a kicking wankle that was on e bid. That was sweet. Way to much HP and priced out of my range.
    You might think about at what speeds you would not want to fall off the machine and hit the ground,wall or car.
    So don't worry to much about the phone numbers. Google Grubee and you will see how you to can become a dealer. Some of the sponsors offer a like option.
    Like I said they are a HOOT. Just do it! Enjoy !
    And welcome to the site.