Motorcycle endorsement needed. (But motorcycles have the road rights of cars.)

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    I assume that to be 100% legal in New Orleans, to ride a motorized bicycle, you need a (motorcycle) drivers license endorsement.

    But motorcycles operate like cars 100%. They take a full lane on roads, and stop at traffic lights while taking a full lane. ex.ex.
    Who does these things on motorized bicycle?

    I believe a motorcycle endorsements gained knowledge, would not benefit a motorized bicycle user. A motor cycle endorsement tells its user, to take a full lane on a 45 mph speed limit road. If you did this with a 22cc motorized bicycle it would not be safe.

    If a State is to require, a special drivers license endorsement for a motorized bicycle, it should be an endorsement that gives knowledge about riding a bicycle, with a small engine on it (not a motorcycle that has the same rights of a car.)

    If a motorized bicycle user, was to follow a motor cycles rules on the road, it would be dangerous.

    If I ever get a ticket for riding a motorized bicycle, I may plead innocent, and tell the above to a judge.
    I was actually thinking about getting a motorcycle endorsement. But now it actually seems crazy.
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    Well, gather up some like minded fellow motorized bike folks in your area and write your Congressman. This IS an election year ya know..
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    I have heard other forum members say, that motorized bicycle laws are new, and often times don't make any sense. I personally would assume that these laws will evolve/change in the coming years.

    To me using a motorcycle endorsement, to educate a motorized bicycle user makes no sense.

    If motorized bicycles are to be regulated, perhaps motorized bicycles should have their own special endorsement. A (motorized bicycle) endorsement, that actually teaches its holder safety practices, in using a motorized bicycle.

    And I wonder if motorized bicycles will always be legal?
    Its already illegal, to use a dirt bike as transportation on city streets. But a dirt bike was not made to be used as transportation on city streets.

    I thought of the following beneficial things, to justify using motorized bicycles as legal transportation.

    1.) They use less fuel than cars or motorcycles.
    2.) They would allow low income citizens, an affordable means of transportation.
    3.) They cause less damage in accidents/wrecks, than a motorcycle or car.

    I personally believe that motorized bicycles, have a good chance of remaining legal in America.

    Today the main thing that I can think of, that could make motorized bicycles illegal, is their loud noise. If motorized bicycles did not make lots of noise (and bother people), I believe people may not complain about them.

    I would like to start a thread someday called "Motorized bicycle driving regulations".

    For example,
    1. Never operate a motorized bicycle, on the sidewalk of a strip mall.
    2. Walk motorized bicycles across major roads. ex.ex.
    (And other practices that would make motorized bicycles safe, for its rider and the general public.)

    (Also practices that would stop motorized bicycles from bothering people.)

    I believe motorized bicycle rules, should perhaps take many of the rules, of riding a traditional bicycle. But since a motorized bicycle is faster, and makes more noise than a regular bicycle, all rules could not apply.
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