Motored bike vs moped/scooter

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  1. fasteddie911

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    I'm new here but been browsing for some time now. Anyways, I've been looking for another form of transportation that is low cost and efficient, and I have been looking at motored bikes as well as mopeds/scooters. What would you guys suggest? Moped/scooter is more expensive, but can be modified more, not that I need to modify it, but its nice to know that the option of going faster than 30mph is there(lots of hills also). it seems to me that a motored bike would also be a little easier to disassemble for a thief if I decided to park it somewhere. Otherwise, I see no difference, one has pedals, the other doesn't. What do you guys think? Has anyone traded a moped/scooter for a motored bike or vice versa?

  2. Happy Valley

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    Hello and welcome to MBc.
    I always did quite a bit of cycling so the move was natural, like getting older.
    No trades but opted for one over the other, MBs over scooters.
    A decent scooter in my reckoning is gonna run around $2K, Honda or Yamaha.
    I personally wouldn't be bothering much with the new crop of Chinese scooters, at least not as they are yet anyway.
    Buy a scooter from a dealer and that's where you take it for maintenance.
    Build a MB and maintain it yourself. Got to love tinkering, if not pay the difference. I always maintained my own bicycles anyway. Best part if a MB breaks down, pedal it home. Scooter breaks down, what do you do?
    There have been a few members here who logged out and went the scooter route. Got tired of tinkering perhaps.
    All depends what you want and what you like.
  3. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    My 70cc Diamondback eats new mopeds up! I make people who spend that kind of money CRY!
  4. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    I didn't want to get a MC license and tag, so the motorized bike worked better for me.
    If you do not like to tinker and experiment, the scooter/moped will serve you better.
  5. fasteddie911

    fasteddie911 New Member

    I like to tinker when I want to, but not because I have to due to breakage or constant problems, not sure if that's the case with motorized bikes. has anyone had problems getting their bike ripped off when they park and lock their bikes? thanks for the great thoughts!
  6. if you live in a town where someone will cut the lock on your bike and steal it,then they also might shoot you and take your wallet and shoes,so you might want to move to a new town.
  7. fasteddie911

    fasteddie911 New Member

    i was talking more about someone stealing the engine since its only bolted in and fairly accessible.
  8. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    Stealing a competently mounted bike motor would be very time consuming. I haven't heard of that happening.
  9. mine has many mounts and extra straps and would take a while to get it off the bike and dont forget its also hooked to a chain and that would also have to be removed.theres also gas,throttle and clutch lines hooked to it too.
  10. OCLandspeeder

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    The biggest difference between a MB and a moped is overall cost and ongoing cost. The moped will cost more to purchase, and it will cost more to keep on the road because mopeds require insurance, yearly registration, and of course the maintenance.

    There are other subtle differences which I think give the motorized bike a better choice over a moped. You can use bike paths with a MB as long as you keep that motor off. You can park the MB just about anywhere you can a bicycle. If you pedal assist the MB regularly, you will get a physical workout that's good for you. Moped pedals are really just vestigual devices that are not meant to be used for longer than getting the moped off the line. You can swap out motors on a MB much easier than you can a moped. You'll have more tire choices on a MB. You will also have lots of bicycle choices that you can motorize.
  11. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    Moped rules vary alot depending on where they are. In Hawaii, no insurance or registration are needed for a Moped 50cc or under. On the other hand, our MB's are not legal at all. So for that reason, a moped makes more sense here. But I have never been accused of doing what makes sense. :)
  12. fasteddie911

    fasteddie911 New Member

    thanks for all the replies. I think i'm getting more comfortable with the idea of a MB. I like the idea of being able to turn off the engine and go anywhere though.

    hawaii ed, if lights, signals and horn were added and it was registered as a moped and had a safety check, would it be legal? is it not legal because it's between a bike and moped? the legality thing is the only thing i'm kinda hung up on.
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  13. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    the main difference between the two as seen from up top the mountain is
    the amount of distance one can truly travel without a sore tailpipe holder ??
    if I am only wishing to travel up to 15 to 25 miles one way (50 m max total) taking some time doing
    a mororized bicycle will fit the need
    if traveling more distance that that in one day -- let's get something
    with speeds, bigger tires, bigger motor
    guess we could just say ---------------------- bigger..
  14. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    That can depend on the state you're in. One of the obstacle frequently confronting various members here in their respective locales is the VIN issue off a bicycle.
    Sometimes this is simply best handled discreetly by "creating" a VIN using the correct numerical/letter format incorporating the serial # on the bottom bracket of the bike. :whistling:
  15. i guess if youre in hawaii make your mb look like a moped and it will be legal then,lights and mirrors and youre good to cruiser already looks like a antique motorcycle.
    no reg or nothing for mopeds in hawaii then nobody will know your mb that looks like a moped is really not one right.theres no inspections either right.
  16. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    You are right on cabin fever, and that is what I did with my beach cruiser.

    There are three main rules:
    - Under 50 cc (strike one)
    - All safety equipement, horn,lights, mirrors (can do that easy)
    - Must be automatic, with no clutch or shifting (uh-oh!)

    The clutch system is our big downfall. And my shifter kit banging through the gears will really sink me! So far the 5-0 have been pretty cool, and we ghost pedal whenever we see them.
  17. linnix13

    linnix13 Member

    the mopeds are faster, more powerful, and way more comfortable, but they look so *** and you need to pay so much for one and pay for insurance, plus they are probably worse on gas too, and i find that an MB is way easier to ride and maneuver because its a bike and your legs are on eather side, if you intend to ride for long distances and have alot of money then go for a motorscooter(also if your not male) but if you want to pay next to nothing then get an MB, i would never ride a moped,
  18. velosolex

    velosolex Member

    I've owned several scooters, the best one was an '87 Honda CH250 Elite. Fast, easy on gas, dependable and you could drive it down the freeway at 70 mph in below freezing temps and keep comfy if you had the right zuit suit. On the other hand, you could not do a darn thing to it but put gas, tires and oil in it/on it. Once, the fan switch (that controls the radiator fan) stopped working and Honda wanted $70 for a new one!!! I had to find something else to do the job. Because of the 10" tires, side winds kept you from going to sleep and in sever conditions, you kept off the speedways and had to drive on back streets. It had electric start, only....bad news. Any damage to plastic body parts = more bad news. So what does this all mean? If you got to go out and compete in the traffic, get a big motorcycle/small car, but if you don't need to go far or fast, consider the MB as a choice. MB's can be riden on streets with slower moving traffic, sidewalks, bike paths, trails, etc.. Parts are cheap and if you buy a quality kit (motor/tranny/final drive), you can ride it more than have to work on it.....

  19. duivendyk

    duivendyk Guest

    Pro MB: Low cost but maybe high (self) maintenance,hills can be problem (variable gearing very nice to have).Exercise by pedaling along.
    Con:Legal&insurance isues,rider very exposed,lack of gears (depends on design),lighting etc,durability of frames? (aluminum,vibration,metal fatigue),less nimble than moped&scooter,dangerous in traffic (no respect)
    My conclusion.OK for hobby use &short commutes less than 10 miles or so_Otherwise get capable scooter/moped.(100cc or more) to keep up with traffic.
  20. garyj

    garyj New Member

    Hi all newbie garyj first reply post, I've owned 4 scooters, & now working out the kinks of vibrations, chain alignment & carb issues on my 68cc ten speed bike.Here
    In myrtle beach, scooters, 50cc to 150cc run freely around without tags, insurance or bike licenses
    I'd like to address the questions & comments above since I've been working them out for about a year now.Fast eddie asks about scooter & MB differences. I have both & they both have issues, but are not at all similar.
    even cheap 50cc chinese scooters Roketa , peace, etc, go 40+decently tuned, have elec start,CVT,lights, signals,average cost $1000.00. MB's like happy valley has said are a natural to people who love bikes, pedal, engine on or off, get a workout or relax. But here is my humble point of view. My motored bike is a bit noisy, vibrates, surges, needs strict tightening of its bolts, chain alignment is ultra critical to safety. So there is almost no similarity in my opinion. I'm happy to have the MB because it's RAW speed, mine goes 39MPH give or take, safe cruising is 24-29??
    I think you have to just love your MB maintenance & all, or go the scooter route.
    If i had to license/tag/insure my scooter my opinion would still be the same,
    Vibration & comfort limit me to about 15-45 minutes before my arms hurt on my MB
    The scooter is much smoother, and more money.