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Hey everybody:),

I live in the Netherlands and have a original Dutch bike with 30cc sachs motor build in the rear.
This is an all original Dutch bike.
The motor runs perfect and gives you 100km to 1 liter of gas :D, so if you are tired of biking just reach back and start your engine and enjoy the rest of your bike Ride.
If you go to Europe you see people ride this bikes on a daily bases. Many are sold in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and England.
You must see this one to appreciate.

To ride this bike you must be at least 14 years old, you need a moped drivinglicence, the serialframenumber is registrated and it has a number plate and insurance. There are no modifications allowed :confused: by law.

I have now plans to give this bike a classic race look...:rolleyes:.
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go you good thing


What is the weather like over there? Get some good motoredbike riding days?


Hi :),

Unfortunately the past few weeks are very windy and rainy.
We have a little bit of snow and ice in winter, warm springs, hot (and sometimes rainy) summers and cold rainy autumn.

When the weather is miserable, I will wear rain clothing.
Only this will get me very sweaty when cycling .... and I don't like that at all.... but then I "cycle" motorized :D.

Excuse me for my bad English language.