Crashes motorized biker killed in hit and run

Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by azbill, Jul 14, 2010.

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    I was riding route 66 on the cali border a few miles from arizona and had a vehicle with a passenger chuck a full can of rock star at my head and speed off.Shame what this world Is coming to.
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    That sort of thing is, unfortunately, nothing new. I was driving across Dallas, TX thirty years ago in a 28 foot bobtail truck about 12 midnight of a weekday when a pickup truck with two guys roared by me, and the passenger threw a beer bottle into my windshield.

    Malicious idiots are common everywhere, in every culture, across all of history.
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    yeah, I had some idiot throw an open and full bottle of Mtn. Dew at me from a moving car while I was just standing on a sidewalk.

    I always wonder what happens in the brain that makes someone decide that doing something like that is "fun" or "a good idea". :ack2:
  5. lucas

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    I got hit with an apple head on. broke my two front teeth and cheek bone.
  6. augidog

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    guys...we gotta ride smart, and we gotta use REAL LIGHTS.

    i am sorry for those he left behind.
  7. azbill

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    I realize he wasn't using lights or paying enough attention to traffic :(
    (he never even slowed down after the first car turned left !!!)
    I still feel that anyone hit/hurt or worse, on a MAB, deserves better than that :(:(:(
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    i agree the hit & run issue is NOT resolved...and i think it's cowardly to not come forward so it CAN be.
  9. azbill

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    I learned in my youth that running from a problem, even if you are not guilty, will always make it appear you ARE

    btw, I think I was in my 30's when I finally got that point ;)
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  11. RedBaronX

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    I am glad that he was caught.

    because he kept going without even slowing down, one can assume he was under the influence, even if he was not at fault for the actual accident... the cyclist looks like he is not lit up, and he should have yielded to the other vehicles...
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    I almost got hit by a drunk driver. I was waiting @ a stop sign in shell beach and I heard skidding... as soon as I heard it I looked over and saw the guy in an old astro van swerve back into his lane out of the bike lane. It happened so fast I would never have had time to react. Everybody in the intersection had the same astonished look on their face like... WHOA!!!!!!

    The gas station/liquor store he was going to was apparently on the corner because he stopped and I watched him stumble out in disgust. I almost called the cops but I didn't want my wife to know what had happened... it would have been the end of the MB thing for sure.

    I have a team of REEEEEEALLLLLLLLY GOOD angels constantly watching over me. This isn't the first instance they saved me.... big ups to them for all their help over the years.
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    I see.To listen to my pops or grandpa times back then were so much better.Glad to hear you did not get hurt or killed.I even considered carrying a handgun on my m.b. or motorcycle.But I preach and rant about peace and Things I profess In the c.c. I cannot divulge out here.And I would not be setting a good example by doing so.But,I sure do not understand why people want to do things like what has happened to us Simon.
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    And to think with all the accidents and jams angels had to pull me out of I upgraded to a suzuki marauder 250cc motorcycle? I must be nuts or just plum stupid.I will be thankful If I don't get killed or hurt badly on the highway with this beast.
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    Motorized bikes have the same problem as mopeds here in hawaii. They do not have enough power to get out of tight spots. I have riden bikes and motorcycles all around the world for over 25 years. I always look for trouble and plan an escape whatever I am on. A motorcycle makes it easier to find those holes, but that guy really was not thinking going into that intersection.

    I am glad they got the driver, they certainly should have stopped. If he had stopped, the outcome would have been better for the driver.
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    I always ride like I am invisible, and act accordingly ;)
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    if you had been in a car, you still could have gotten hit... getting almost hit in that situation had little to do with you being on a MB (though getting hit on a MB would have been more catastrophic)

    I would have called the cops. The only times I have ever used my cell phone while driving has been to report dangerous drivers (and that's only been three or four times)-- I called in a motorcycle who was doing about 100 on the freeway; I called in two buses, one which ran someone over onto the shoulder, the other was all over three lanes (both on the freeway), and I think I called in another but I can't remember what.
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    Me too. That is tough to watch.

    What do you mean by real lights ? A bicycle light ?

    What kind of light do you think is best on a motored bike ?

    I know lots of bikers and they mostly like to ride with the lights always on.

    It seems many of the kit builders don't even mention lights on their websites or offer a way to connect lights.
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    Thank God they found that kid. WTF was he thinking? Why wouldn't he stop? That video is so tragic to watch. My condolenses to the family & I hope he didn't suffer. RIP brother.