Tires Mr. Tuffy's are well worth the money.

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Cavi Mike, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Cavi Mike

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    I must say these things are darn good at what they do. Prior to installing a pair of these I was getting a flat, on average, once a week(I hit a busted beer bottle covered road every morning). After they were in place, I didn't get a flat again until today which is roughly one year of a flat-free ride. I had actually stopped carrying around my tools, spare tube and CO2 inflator because I felt so confident. I still feeel pretty confident after the flat happened because it wasn't completely flat when I hit the road for my daily commute to work; I was able to get to the gas-station to fill it up and continue my ride as normal.

    The culprit? I small shard of glass. I went around my tire with a dentist-pick and found an easy 20 similar pieces of glass stuck in my rear tire. Said tire was a Nirve Badass. It's a fairly soft compound so, although surprised at the time, it now isn't much of a surprise it managed to pick up so much over so long of a course. I highly recommend these things and I also highly recommend giving your tires a once-over once a month if not more often. I could have easily avoided this puncture if I had.

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    Where did you buy the Tuffys? Which type did you buy (don't they make several kinds)?
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    I used to use Mr. Tuffy's, but, after a year or so, I ended up getting flats due to pinching of the tubes where the liners overlap. Perhaps I didn't have the inflation right, or maybe there's something else one can do to avoid that problem. I switched to running Maxis Hookworm tires.