Muffler help: air escaping & too loud

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by remichi, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. remichi

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    I have a different muffler than most people it seems, see the picture:

    The exhaust system comes in different parts:

    - pipe connected to engine
    - main muffler
    - end piece
    - inside there is a kind of silencer
    - All these parts are connected by a long bolt and nuts

    It seems a lot of air is escaping through the various openings though and also the exhaust is rather loud. Does anyone have any advise on how to make less air escape and make this muffler quieter?

    Ordering a new chrome one is not an option as my location is Kenya and most places won't ship to Kenya.

    I plan to weld the pipe to the main muffler and maybe even plan to weld everything together. Don't think I really need to open the exhaust. I sprayed the muffler with high heat black paint but it started coming off after the first ride. I ordered exhaust wrap which I will hopefully be able to put on nicely.

    For more pictures:

  2. Fabian

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    Hi remichi

    In ways you are quite lucky to have that style of muffler because from what i can see, it allows you to create your own centre section of any particular length out of similar sized tubing, potentially improving mid range torque with a longer length.
    Adding length may make the muffler quieter.

    Kind regards
  3. remichi

    remichi New Member

    Thanks for the reply. Think I'll first try and get the carburetor adjusted and then get to the muffler.

    The carburetor's c clip is at 2nd to the top, I'm at 1600 meters (5300 foot) here in Nairobi, Kenya. The Kenyan way of shutting down the engine is by moving choke to up position. But my guess is that during normal running the choke should be able to go up without the engine shutting down.

    I installed a simple homemade kill switch already.

    My engine is revving a lot when I disengage the clutch, which seems abnormal. I'm going to try and make the carburetor/manifold gap airtighter somehow.
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    I've noticed that my bike will idle high when the exhaust is starting to work loose and let exhaust out of seams. So it could be that your idle trouble will be fixed when you get your exhaust system tightened up.
  5. Greg58

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    Looks like a nt carb, they tend to be a little rich on the main jet. Being at that elevation doesn't help either. You might want to check the cable to make sure its not binding, if you cant lower the idle with the idle screw you probably do have an air leak. If you move the clip to the top it could help, I don't know if you can get drill bits there but I got a set from with #60-80 bits and a hand drill for 8$ u.s. You can solder the jet up and drill it to a smaller size.