My 70cc HT Mountain/Road Bike

My primary means of transportation. Works great, with the stock sprocket I can hit about 30MPH, which is a bit faster than I usually want to go. There aren't many long straightaways around here anyways, usually run into a light before. Bonteger rear rack with a custom top piece I made, to hold larger items, my gas tank, and my battery. 26"x2" Rear tire and a 26"x 1.5" front.

Once my truck sells I am planning on changing a few things on it, but till then this is what I have :).


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Looks good man. What's up with the shiny duct tape?

Thanks :)

The shiny duck tape "aluminum tape" by the front of the motor is so the wires for the front light and the cdi don't melt, the aluminum tape by the carburetor is pulling the manifold up, because my clutch lever hits the bottom of it when it isn't raised... And maybe the tape also reflects heat away from the intake tube, which may make more power? lol. The tape on the top of the gas tank is because the gas cap broke a couple days after I got my motor, and I don't have any money to replace it.
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How you raising the carb with tape if it is tightened? I'm confused.:-/

because the intake manifold is semi loose. It isn't the stock one, I had to make one because my frame was a little to small.

I just got back from a 36mi ride. Everything worked awesome and I averaged 27mph :).