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Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by floridaboy, Jul 27, 2010.

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    I decided to change my Electra bike from a inframe to a FD. I used a BMP and a engine from Monster Scooter Parts. Sofar i am likeing the FD with the Recoil start and auto clutch. The bike is just as fast as it was before. This 49cc. monster engine is realy starting to show some good power as it breaks in. I am useing the 1.250 roller and can start off with one or two turns of the pedals. Even with a wet road i did not have much slipage. Likeing it. I weigh a lite 200 lbs.

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    Electra's are sweet rides.

    Just wondering...........................

    The fuel line intake hose on your gas tank....... In relation to the intake port on your engines carb, is the gas tank intake port hose higher than the carb. intake port?

    The reason why I ask is that I had my fuel tank above the carb, and got massive flooding problems with the same/similar engine. Not sure if that engines carb. can be gravity fed. I had problems, how did you fix it if you did on yours to allow it to be gravity fed. I would love to be able to move my one gallon tank back on the back rack.

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    The gas tank i am useing came from Staton and you will see that the fuel lines comes out at the top of the tank. With the fuel lines at the top it is not a gravity feed. These tanks are made for the type of carb. these two cycle engines use with the two fuel lines one a feed the other a return line.