My first build, questions about bicycles and engines.




I am contemplating building a bike with a wizard chopper frame, a Skyhawk stage 2 mounting/gear kit, and a Hua Sheng F142 49cc 4 stroke engine. I saw a post in here where someone installed a 2 stroke 70cc kit on this bike. I really like the disc/drum brakes and heavy duty feel of this bike. Only Problem is I am not sure if the 4 stroker will fit or not. Anyone know if that would be plausible or have specs on this bike that would have measurements for the inside area of the frame? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Mounting/gear kit


This bike with 70cc 2 stroke engine
Ok thanks for the heads up. I have also heard from another source that they are awkward and hard to ride anyway. Looks like I need to find another choice.
Recommentations for single speed cruiser?

I am looking for a single speed cruiser style bike with front/rear alloy V-brakes. I intend to put a Skyhawk stage 2 mounting/gear kit and a Hua Sheng F142 49cc 4 stroke engine on this bike. ANy recommendations are greatly appreciated. THanks! :)
no need for a new topic for every question, i'm gonna merge them into one where you can develop your first build in journal fashion.

simply "reply" to your project thread with new questions, or updates as you learn and make your choices...don't worry about someone seeing it and helping out, this system seems to work great here.
:cool:vy, single speed cruisers don't come with front/rear alloy v-brakes, just a rear coaster brake and sometimes w/front brake.

however, a SCHWINN SKYLINER from WALMART has a cruiser-like frame, suspension fork, dual v-brakes and 26 speeds. i believe they're a great candidate for fact, i was gonna buy the $164 bike...

until i stumbled across an old SCHWINN cruiser steel frame yesterday that i bought for $5.00. it looked like carp, but i removed the rusty fender, sanded the frame, polished the handlebar, installed my new RALEIGH front and rear tires. the v-brake i previously added onto my RALEIGH bolted onto this old frame, along with a 12" seat.

right now, i'm in the process of installing my twin engines. all levers and cables are in place, as well as rear wheel with 12g spokes and 36-tooth sprocket.

i'd recommend the SCHWINN skyliner. it's cheap, and has the v-brakes you want. if you don't like the multi-speeds, you can always swapt to single speed, and you'll have the wider rear dropout and chainstays, which should make the project easier.

moreover, several people have used the KULANA MOONDOG with good results. it has cruiser frame, dual v-brakes, 26 speeds and fenders, and sells at WALMART for about $100.

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Thanks 5-7 Heaven. I decided to go with the Schwinn Skyliner from good old Wal Mart ($161 shipped). It has good brakes, front suspension, a solid frame and handlebars that keep my hands directly over the front wheel for greater control at higher speeds. I hope to have my Skyhawk 2/HuaSheng Engine kit from a local vendor by the time my bike arrives to my local Wal Mart. I will likely be bugging this forum for more advice when I actually have all of my requisite parts together. Wish me luck!
luck? it ain't luck! you're gonna be the one building this baby, so take credit :)

so far, it sounds nice. another HappyX4, i'm digging that for sure...keep us posted :cool:
Anyone have a schwinn skyliner that can tell me the diameter of the steerer post? I am trying to replace the stock fork with a disc brake fork and I'd like to have all the parts by the time my bike arrives next week. ANy help is appreciated. THanks!
I measured mine as 28mm in diameter and 7 inches long for the steering head. I'm not a bicycle guy so check the images for the manner of measurement. If I should measure differently let me know and I will repost.


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