my junkers

this is my first kit build 49cc grubee. The electric is a 600w 36v brushed my boys. Mine is a daily rider used and abused.


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I like the little bike with the 26" front wheel....definitely different!

pretty neat, I like the 4stroke, but without an exhaust isn't it a bit loud?!?!? The electric looks neat too, can you combine the two and make a hybrid?
There is and exhuast pipe. I will be modifying it though. The hybrid idea is one I have been talking with and elec engineer about. Talk is of using a capacitor and no batteries. If anyone has any ideas on this let me know your thoughts.
Do you realize how large that capacitor would have to be and how large the sap filters would be? I wonder if they make such a monster? Got any pics?
Doc, let me be the first to tell you I am electricaly ignorant. I meet this elec engineer a while back. In the last few days I found out he is trying to start a business with and idea I was working on. I guess the saying C.Y.A. D.T.A. comes through.
cover your *** don't trust anyone
Picture of the Schwinn Point Beach.


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