ms380 cylinder for phantom 85 lower how hard is it


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7:39 PM
Jul 16, 2023
Eagle Pass TX
ms380 cylinder for phantom 85 lower how hard is it, and is it cheaper than just buying a phantom cylinder and piston. Please school me with y’all’s knowledge . I’m a daily rider use my bike to go and come from work a 16 mile round trip, give er take. And I love the phantom but everything is to pricy on a budget guy like myself. So lmk what y’all know🙏🏽
You would need a yd100 bottom end. From what I found the 380 is 52mm bore, but the stroke is 34mm. You would likely have to use a 38mm stroke crank with a long rod to keep the piston in the cylinder. I would just do a ms440 52mm jug and use the 380 piston so you have a 10mm pin instead of a 12mm pin.
You will need to clearance the yd100 bottom end for the 52mm piston, swap out for a 38mm crank, fill the transfers on the case, fill the original bolt holes, and drill and tap new ones. These saw builds aren't as easy as the internet makes it sound. I've went pretty far down the rabbit whole of researching what it takes to make a good saw build. In the long run it costs about the same as a phantom. I just bought a phantom instead of building a saw engine. I still want to build one, but not right now.
See that’s why I come here, people that actually know what they talking about, so is it a pain to pull off? meaning I wanna try it, but with the guidance and knowledge of people who generally like to help a beginner like me of course