My motor wont start for more than 5secs and it will onleystart if i mess with choke

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by hunter, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. hunter

    hunter Guest

    I have a 70cc kings motorized bike kit

    My motor screwed up today wile i was riding it on a 2 mile ride. In the middle of the ride my motor just stopped out of no where and wouldn't start back up for more than 5secs and i onley could get it to if i messed with the choke lever . I can get it to start and run as long as i want if i pull the clutch lever wile its running and rev the engine with the throttle but as soon as i stop reving the engine it turns off. Ive made sure there nothing wrong with the clutch spark plug gas tank gasline carbscrew pipe airfilter throttle chain tires kill switch i aculey took the kill switch off btw just in case Engine still dosnt start correctly no matter how hard i try.

    Do you think buying a new carb will fix this problem?.
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  2. ibdennyak

    ibdennyak Guest

    carb problem?

    Out of gas? Just kidding. Looks like you have been in the mech and tech part as much as me. You could check the intake gasket, intake tube for a leak, and make sure the intake is n't leaking where the slots go over the intake tube. I actually wrapped a gob of electrical tape over the slots to make sure. Mine won't even start at all. Makes all the right motor sounds, but just won't fire. Sound changes as I open and close the throttle. In my case, the carb fills with fuel, but doesn't seem to get any further. Jet is open. Also, Mine ran well with the jet at the 2nd slot, but ran better on the 3rd. I'm at sea level if that makes a difference. Maybe I should have waited until you solved your problem, but I already pulled mine apart. Internally things look fine, but I'm not an expert on 2 strokes. If I come up with anything else, I'll keep you posted. If you figure yours out please do the same. :confused:

  3. hunter

    hunter Guest

    Yep seems like i have the same problem as you. I am willing to buy a new carb if thats the problem. Im still waiting for the problem to be confirmed by someone who knows what hes talking about tho. Anyone know if thatsdax will let you return a product and get you money back if you want to?,.
  4. Donavan321

    Donavan321 Member

    So it wont run UNLESS you give it gas(twist the throttle) and as soon as you let go it dies? Needs throttle to run? Try tunring your idle screw up little by little. Also, ditch the stock clamp and put a hose clamp on, reef on that and that seals up nicely! I had a bike that ran like crap, gasket was good, welds were good, had a MAJOR air leak....used a hose clamp and tightened it.....more like reefed on it and BOOM! INSTANT CHAMP! Smooth idle, ran great! If you still have problems, I'd replace the carburetor, also you can move that little C clip on the carb needle, to second notch from the top(thats where Ive gotten best performance) OR sometimes the floats leak, fill with gas and don't FLOAT...flooding it causing rough running conditions, been there, done that! Keep that clamp in mind though! Make sure your connections are proper blue to blue black to black and make sure they're nice and tight! Trial and error mostly, if this is already fixed then disregard. I don't doubt your mechanical aptitude, just chiming in for when I have issues. Remember....lever down=CHOKE OFF sometimes that confuses people too. Hope this helps!