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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by betio, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. betio

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    I received my kit from Powerking yesterday. I was off today so I put it together in a few hours and fired it up. Went around the block a couple of times. Very smooth! I only went about 5 mph. I started out with a 25 year old Ross Mt. Whitney Mountain bike. The front derailer was in the way, so my bike went from a 15 speed with front derailer to a 5 speed. Also the 4 gas tank mounting nuts were missing from the packaging. I had a great time building it and more fun testing it out!

  2. srdavo

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    good for you!!:D

    now....don't put your wrenches away.

    check everything, before each ride.
    the fun has just begun!!
  3. betio

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    Had the bike out today to do some adjustments. Chain needed tensioned. I hooked up the kill switch to the right places (should have read up a little more on this site!) and I replaced the clutch lever/cable with an old Shimano brake set-up. No matter what I tried, the clutch lever was really hard to disengage. The Shimano is so easy, that I don't need the lever lock. I just ride with it squeezed when I don't want the engine to run. It is that easy!
    I am still breaking the engine in...slow speeds gradually increasing and decreasing the throttle.