My rush hour errand.

Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by sabrewalt, Jun 5, 2008.

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    Ran an errand about miles 8and realized it was rush hour and REALLY hot with a high wind. .
    All surface streets with speed limit of 35 or less. Drivers are WAY more distracted at rush hour... more of them too. Anyway, I stopped at a red light in the right lane on a 4 lane road. I was in the middle of the right lane. There was a pickup behind me. There were no cars coming in any other direction and the light would not change. This seems to happen alot because the bike is not metal enough to trip the magnet sensor in the street. Soooo. All clear, I took off across the intersection.. Right then and there the truck behind me LAYS on his horn.. I just kept on going. When I got to the next stop sign, I stopped and then proceded to left turn.. He layed on his horn again. This time ANOTHER truck got between me and the agressor.. The agressor beeped a couple more times and then turned to another street. The "protector" truck pulled along side and asked me if that guy was bothering me.. We talked for a minute and went on my way....Wierd... Next I will tell you about the debris incident....
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  2. sabrewalt

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    Same rush hour trip debris.

    High wind. I was to the right and behind a pickup truck full of plastic cartons.
    About 3 ft by 2 ft by 8 inchs.. One flys off and heads right for me. Trying to decide if getting hit or going down would be better. Chose getting hit but a gust caught the debris and blew it to the right of me and missed my head.. Seemed like inches but it was probably a couple of feet. I caught up with the truck and was going to tell her to go back and pick her stuff up but she was yaking on a cell phone and smoking a ciggerate and looking very agitated and pulled a u turn back toward the debris...Wonder if a my helmet would have protected me.... Probably... Guess we should head but debris out of the way.