My Tadpole Project (update--overdue)

Discussion in 'Motorized Trikes' started by srdavo, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. srdavo

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    I've been working on this for a few days now.....working, studying & planning. I finally have a little something to show.

    first of all, I wanted to give it some ground clearance.....instead of 4", I have 12". I also made the frame 1 foot longer... to allow for engine mounting, behind the seat. (I haven't decided on a powerplant yet :confused:)


    I am not yet pleased with my steering geometry, but for grins... I have it standing on it's own 3 wheels.
    Speaking of wheels....look at the spokes on these! I don't know what gauge they are, but they measure 1/8"!! The axles are a 5/8" bolts.


    I was making good progress today, but ran out of welding wire! :shout: The welding supply store, down the street was already closed.

    100_2567eeec.jpg C-clamps to the rescue!!

    sidenote: I found metal cutting blades for my circular saw for <$3 apiece.
    here's a couple pics of my ghetto chopsaw. :idea:

    100_2568.JPG 100_2572.JPG

    100_2571.JPG Swinging on a door hinge.....sitting on an old BBQ grill. (not a lot goes to waste around here.)
    Works like a charm!!

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    Been wanting to build a motorized tadpole ever since Alaskavan built his incredible machine, so I clicked on this post for some ideas to steal. :devilish: Found one......heck with the tadpole.....I'm building a cut off saw. :grin5:
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    Can't wait to see this!
  4. azbill

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    I second the vote...
    chop saw, here we come :)
    thanks Dave !
  5. Motormaker

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    I dig the saw. Less is more. Nice design. The trike is nice too!
  6. Alaskavan

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    Wow, van, that engine is exactly what I need. Do you know anything about manufacturer, quality, etc? It looks good, but then pics usually do. I need to get some tech specs on that unit - dimensions, etc.

    It would (depending on dimensions) make a great rack mount power plant above the rear wheel of a recumbent tadpole - heck, put it up on a rack mount over the rear wheel of the full suspension tadpole I've drawn up, or to one side and behind an NV mid-drive unit using the secondary input sprocket Staton installs, and still have a flatbed cargo area only an inch and a half above the rear axle.
  8. Alaskavan

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    It's exactly the same dimensions as the one I put on my trike. They weigh about 42 lbs., which is pretty heavy for most rack mounts. Not so much trouble on a trike. They are usually made by Lifan. I have about 4,000 miles on mine now, and have had very little trouble with it. Lots more power and rpm range than an HT.
  9. SimpleSimon

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    Okay. Your sig is useful - I googled the engine, searched around and found rough dimensions, which are 17L x 10.25W x 8.25H. Since my current delta chopper truck design has an under bed clear space behind the running gear that is 14L x 20.5W x 10.5H, with the bed overhag in back extending another 11.25 inches, it's a perfect fit. For that matter, I could use a jackshaft and offset the NV mid-drive to the left of center, the engine to the right of center, and still go with a Shimano as a 3 speed "differential" 5th member.

    That would put all the machinery weight forward of the rear axle and below axle height - that sucker might scrub and slip sideways in turns, but you'd have to work at it with 55 lbs of engine and power transmission system weight centered at 9 inches off the ground.
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    i kinda got in this conversation late , but what size clutch does that motor have ? they never show that side in the pictures
  11. Alaskavan

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    It has an internal CVT.

    Sorry for getting off-topic here Dave. Hows the trike coming along?
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  12. srdavo

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    no problem Van.... I'm always looking for good ideas!!

    does that cvt have a centrifugal clutch in there somewhere?
  13. srdavo

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    I'm still mocking up different size rear wheels.... think I'll go with a 20" will make for a sturdier wheel.
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    I think the way it works is that until it hits a certain rpm, the front pully doesn't close up enough to make the belt tight. Effectively the same as a clutch. That's my theory. I'm not gonna take it apart to see what's inside 'til it breaks.
  15. srdavo

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    more mock up.....

    2 hp Briggs.... on hand

    Big Picture

    eec.jpg 100_2584eec.jpg
    a couple for alignment


    I still think I am going to stay with 20" wheels, all the way around.
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    pedals? are you going to use them?
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    ok thats it i gotta have one too . another project .... im gonna make mine taller so i can see over traffic , lol
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    thats nice too. great wheels , and that looks like a recliner for the seat . i like how used all the bike frames come together , almost needs a great dane pulling it