NE5 Clutch Arm mods?



Howdy, folks,

With Quenton's advice, I've finally got the auto-clutch on my '07 Whizzer broken-in and working like it should. But the clutch saga doesn't seem to want to end there..

Along with Quenton's other great advice, he seems to be a stickler for getting the pulleys aligned. And, though mine looked OK to the casual eyeball, when I decided to do a better job of measuring, they were off. Maybe by as much as a bit over 1/16". So I bought another clutch arm to work on. And, so, the questions...

My plan is to mill off one end or the other of the clutch arm. Is this the right way to deal with the problem? Has this topic already been covered? If milling off the arm is the way to go, which end of the arm is it better to cut down? Or am I just being too persnickety?

Whizzer Auto-clutch arm

Hi Del. I had one I remember clearly, a green 24" '06 that needed a bit off of the arm. It is easiest to shave the surface where the clutch bolts to the ar. IF you chose where it piviots on the engine, the chance of havin g the surface crooked, and the arm running off square is way too great.

Yes the clutch needs to run square with the engine, and it will reduce the chance of destroying the autoclutch.