Need help with throttle cables!

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  1. ryansclzo

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    My throttle cable to a 2 stroke 80cc engine or 66cc or whatever lol, broke at the end (the throttle ball popped off), and i spent hours trying to get it to work again... then i cut it down and now theres no hope for that cable.

    I want to know where i can buy a throttle cable local :S. Because if i cant i wont be riding my first bike for another week :sweatdrop:

  2. pbeggs

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    that happened to me,.. and i went to a motorcycle parts place ,.. got a ball stop (small brass ball drilled for the cable) and had to solder it on a bike cable,.. the shape it correctly to fit into the throttle slide (a few minutes grinding with the dremel)

    worked well, still on there after 5 years
  3. Fabian

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    On average, i have found that a standard throttle cable will reliably fail at 6,000 kilometers, with surprising consistency.
    Swapping out the cable for a new one at At 5,990 kilometers fixes the problem and the last two cables have never failed :grin5:
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    Go to Walmart in the bicycle parts section, they sell 5 cables for around $5-6 bucks all in a small package, made in China of course.
  5. Dankoozy

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    You can buy lengths of cable and the nipples you have to solder on. I've had no luck at all finding a throttle cable for my engine, so just got a kit with 5m of cable that should do me for a few throttle cables. Havn't tried it yet but it looks straight forward enough.
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    Domino throttles use an adjustable, throttle end, cable stop. The throttle is a little pricey, but works so smoothly, and doesn't feel cheap,
    like the kit throttles do . A 10 speed shift cable might work, pass the ' pill ' end through the carb throttle cable adjuster, which grips to carb slide, big ball end fits throttle tube. Pirate Cycle is somewhat local, and very helpful to walk ins . If buying by mail ... BikeBerry has a low cost die cast throttle, [ accelerator grip retainer ] uses * their * cable [ order together ] The casting appears rough, a little sandpaper, a couple coats of primer, and satin black paint gives it that ' finished ' look. Not as smooth as the domino, but a tough, cheap, way to go. Neither throttle has a kill button. I use a Quad Bike [ ATV ] kill button, good quality, easy to position.

    Silver solder, and flux, are used to[ torch ] solder lead ball to end of cable, have a glass of water handy, to quick cool lead. Takes practice, but can be done.
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  7. Fabian

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    Where can i purchase lengths of throttle cable and the nipples ?

    Where can i purchase an adjustable throttle end cable stop ?

    What is the difference between a 10 speed cable and a 9 speed or 8 speed cable ?

    Can you please give a web link to the BikeBerry low cost die cast throttle, [ accelerator grip retainer ] uses * their * cable [ order together ] ?

    Can you make a youtube video showing your technique on how you use silver solder, and flux to solder lead ball to end of cable.
  8. V 35

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    1. A bicycle shop, or a motorcycle [ dirt bike ] shop should have cables and tips

    2. None I know of ' 10 speed ' is a generic term

    3. point your search engine to

    4. I doubt it, 2 hands, one mind, no camcorder Snoop around some custom motorcycle sites, many have how to tutorials.

    Chopper guys need longer cables, large displacement M C cables are a large diameter wire, little dirt bike wire is the same
    size as bicycle wire.

    S O T [ slightly off topic ] A large displacement motorcycle throttle doesn't work, too much ' throw ' goes from idle to WOT
    in a tenth of a turn. Could some junior genius offer a fix ? Redrill the retainer hole, after reprofileing the cable groove ?

    good luck !
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    So, I installed the throttle cable but for some reason, if I keep turning the throttle, the handle spins a full 360. I can hear the opening and closing of the needle to the carb. But is it spinning because when you turn the throttle so far, the ACTUAL handle bar is spinning? There is not supposed to be any lose cable pleading into the carb correct?
  10. reply

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    Im having same trouble, grip works yet will spin 360 if keep turning. Did you figure this out?
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