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  1. 350zdrftr

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    hello everyone I need help choosing a paint scheme for my project bike. Here are a few pics of it I just finished sanding it a few mins ago and will touch it up tomorrow and hopefully start spraying some paint. The bike is being completely turned around its going from a Mongoose silver/green electric bike to a custom mongoose 80cc blue/black.
    As stated the new colors will be blue and back but I need a cool color scheme and ideas? thanks to everyone here are a few pics just for fun. enjoy thanks in advance.

  2. biken stins

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    Nice work so far.
    Got a feeling however your paint it heads will turn.
  3. coolshoeshine

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    dude i'm having the same problem as you! not sure wat to paint bike!
  4. echotraveler

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    do you have the motor on the frame yet?

    i was told, not that i listened, that its better to finish the mechanical part to start on painting.

    i would say, that if possible, finish the build fist and then deside what to paint.
  5. 350zdrftr

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    No the motor is not on . You should not paint it while the motor is on that does not make since thats why you strip it down to just the frame . Whoever paints with the motor on is inexperienced I have painted cars before it's the Same concept
  6. echotraveler

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    chico no!

    i didnt mean to paint with it on...i mean wait till you finish the build, then take it appart and paint, its very bad when you paint or finish something and then you discover you have to undo it....its surely happening in my matter couldnt hold myself so i painted ..............

    well yeah now im getting wanna paint the frame, sorry about that one lol

    im thinking glitter blue and white and fenders with glitter red/white/little chrome
  7. 350zdrftr

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    oh ok got ya. I am leaning towards the front fork blue and the frame black. All of the polished aluminum is staying and just cleaning it up.
    Anyone know where I can get the decal ? I am going to put one on the gas tank and paint it the same color blue as the fork and then peel it off to show the black paint that originally comes on the gas tank.
  8. echotraveler

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    what kind of blue...osha blue is awsome!
  9. 350zdrftr

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    osha blue is nice its definitely a possibility thanks!!!
  10. that frame would be nice with a gas engine.