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    I've got an EZ Motorbike Q-Matic drive, and I recently bought the replacement cast-iron balanced secondary pulley from them. I can't quite figure out how to remove the original aluminum pulley from its C-shaped housing!

    Does anybody know the procedure for doing this? The parts won't budge. It seems like it might require a gear puller-type of tool.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    I have changed a few of those, just push the bearing in and slide the 5/8" shaft out.
    There is a retainer on the inside of the bearing.

    Try not to hammer on the end of the 5/8" shaft because you will mushroom it and it
    won't fit through the bearing.

    The set screws will raise a divot on the shaft too making it catch on the bearings and
  3. Max-M

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    Thanks for your reply, MBR.

    Do I leave the retaining ring on the bearing? Since I'm pushing the bearing inward, I would think so. Plus, the retainer doesn't look it's meant to be removed with any regularity: it doesn't have the pair of holes that would accomodate retaining ring pliers.

    Any hints on how to get the bearing to push inward? I've got penetrating oil between the outer edge of the bearing and the aluminum housing that it presses into. And I've also got penetrating oil on the inner edge of the bearing where it slides onto the 5/8" shaft.

  4. Max-M

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    All set. The penetrating oil finally loosened up the pulley and the bearing. Then, I had to saw through the four screws that hold the housing to the drive's main frame because the screws (which were being held captive between the pulley and the housing) were preventing the pulley and bearing from pulling far enough outward.

    This was a real bear because I had to use a loose hacksaw blade held in my hand. There was no room for the hacksaw handle, and my Dremel couldn't get near the screws. I sure hope that this new cast iron pulley is worth the effort in increased performance!
  5. MotorBicycleRacing

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    All you had to do was to push the 5/8" shaft in through the bearing and the pulley would drop out off the bracket.
  6. Max-M

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    No, MBR: The bearing couldn't move far enough inward (and the bracket wouldn't move far enough outward) because the heads of the four screws (the ones that mount the bracket to the Q-Matic's main frame) were jamming up against the pulley. Somebody used the wrong screws to attach the bracket to the frame, and they compounded the problem by adding lockwashers beneath the screw heads, raising the heads even higher. And, two of the screws were Phillips round panhead and two were Phillips countersunk. Brilliant assembly job, somebody!

    So tomorrow morning, I'm heading off to my favorite fastener source to get the right screws.

    Thanks for your input.


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