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    I'm not exactly new but couldn't remember what email I used before. I had an account and a pretty sweet motored bike back around 2007. Gettin ready to build another. Probably gonna use an Electra Townie but not sure yet. I do a lot regular bicycle riding but am going car free so I want something to make the hills around Northern Ky a little easier. I'll see ya around.

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  3. Sparks2056

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    That's me.
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    OK done I've merged your accounts under your new username/email.
  5. Sparks2056

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    Been lookin around and finally ordered my engine. 48cc all black kit from Also got a set of engine dampeners and a shift kit from Hopefully I will have everything together and installed within a week. I didn't go with the Townie. I have an old LeTour (from around '79) I'm going to put everything on. I'll let you all know how it goes. I've been reading about quiet exhausts also and will be trying some things.
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    Welcome back. These bikes are a lot cheaper to operate than one of those nice Kentucky horses.
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    Bad news... I was hit by a car about a month ago and am not healing well. I startred to receive the parts I ordered, but I won't even be able to ride for a while because I had to go back into a wrist and ankle brace and stars physical therapy. Think I'm just gonna build it up and try and sell it. Then build another once I can ride again... Man I was so looking forward to MBing again. I miss riding...
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    Hey Sparks,
    Sorry to hear about the setback. I hope you can get out riding again soon whether this bike or the next.

    On I side note, I see you're in NKY. My parents live in out in the Burlington area. Great place to ride imo; much better then Ohio (legality and terrain).
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    Howdy Sparks, I'm still around to...took a detour...but still here

    All the Best