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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by oldnube, Dec 2, 2011.

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    I am buying a new Huffy bike from WALMART, What should I do to it before rideing it and before installing a HT on it? MANY THANKS to all for your help!
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    Before motorizing, I would be sure that all bearings are well greased and adjusted (headset, bottom bracket and wheel bearings). If your wheels are wobbling, take them to a shop for trueing. If your Huffy does not have a front brake, add a bmx caliper front brake. That's about it.
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    T Y Now to locate info on doing it correctly
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    Did you check to see how the engine fits? do the motor brackets fit the frame of the bike? and make sure you have enough clearance for the carb. I had to deal with both issues with my huffy. It made it interesting. good luck!
  5. pre build checklist

    There are a few pre build checklists posted/stickied around the place.........I reccomend reading them.......
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    A Zerk

    I wonder if one could install zerks in the tubes of the headset and bottem bracket inorder keep these lubed? Has anyone tried it?
  7. ????zerks????

    Um, It might be just me, but what are 'ZERKS'????
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    grease fittings - they allow you to use a grease gun to push grease into a joint or bearing.
  9. Oh,

    I know them as 'grease nipples'

    Thanks for clearing that up...........

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    I saw another post you made...I'm 5'11, and 210#, and a 24" is too small, 26" is fine and a 29" too tall.
    First tune the bike up before installing a engine on it. Make sure that the wheels are true. I went through 2 bikes to get one, that didn't need much tuning. Tighten all fasteners and true up the wheels.
    Now for the HT are some ideas. And you can't just slap a HT on any frame and have a proper instillation especially on a cruiser.

    Here are some ideas about the instillation. Mounting/

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