New build here in whitehall Pennsylvania

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    I'm from pa and this is my first build. It's a genesis 29er from walmart $190 with front disc brakes and front suspension. Ordered the power king 80 pk80 on amazon and everything went together perfectly except needing a few washers to avoid chain rub. I've been running 16-1 and I've burned through almost 3/4 of a gallon so far. Average speed is 25 mph with a top speed of 40 mph. I felt dumb at first wondering why I couldn't get it started after tearing the motor apart I realized the clutch was too lose, tightened it and ta da runs like a champ. Next mods will be air filter, expansion chamber, and some expanding foam in the tubes to reduce vibration.

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    Looks sharp. Keep her locked up good.
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    Thanks! I have a storage shed at work I lock her in. And anytime I go to the store she's locked up like Fort Knox haha