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    Hey ... New member saying hi. Im D from Hemet Cali... Just finished my 4th build... I really tried to challenge myself on this one...this was a total pita but sooo worth it... Stage 1 complete, took 4 days rides like a dream...

    Huffy Cape Cod with a BEKits motor...

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

  2. Very pretty! I like the color and seat
  3. I really like it! Awesome paint job the subtle pinstripes on the chainguard. COOL! The only thing is the "7" on the tank is kinda big for my taste. But that's just me. And you GOTTA! MOUNT that bottom half of the muffler or your gonna loose it at the top weld lost 2 myself that way. REALLY SUCKED!
    BUT AWESOME BUILD! (Bows down)
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    Pretty cool man
  5. Yeah very cool! I'm waiting on parts from China. ME WAITING LONG-TIME
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    Thanks for the thumbs up everybody. .. I know I need to support that muffler, just trying to figure out a trick way to do it. ... the sevens, just my thing. ... lol

    Broken in now turned the fuel up. .. love it! ! Had problems with the float dumping fuel out the bowl, but that's worked out. ..

    Got fed up with the rag joint setup being impossible to quit wobbling, went for the hub adaptor. ... decided to go with (sorry MM ... ) with a 41 tooth. .. threw it on soon as I got it today stupid me forgot to take pics of of the box. .. here's a couple installed pics. ..

    Again thanks everybody!

    20160618_183321.jpg 20160618_183307.jpg 20160618_183335.jpg
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    Lol was wondering if anybody would catch the detail on the chain guard. .. I worked hard on that lol. ..
  8. It looks great. I'm STUCK! ! I'm trying to make a poo-poo Muffler and I'm not sure if I should take all the baffle rings off or leave just one on? I wanna ne able to change the wadding inside the Muffler but if I leave that last ring on it will stop me from changing the material inside. I have a long bolt I can put all the way through so I can open up the Muffler from both sides. A DECISIONS DECISIONS?????????
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    Nice build!

    I suggest you go through your rear hub.
    Huffy is known for crappy coaster brake hubs.
  10. Make sure after a few rides you check those Allen screws holding the sprocket in place, I looked down when I got home one day and they were ACTUALLY coming out!
    As always go through your bike and check all your fasteners.
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    Thanks guys, used to be a bike mechanic back in the day do I'm pretty hip to the tricks that keep a bike running well. .. mad paranoid about nuts and bolts coming loose so I pretty much check them daily.

    Eventually I'll be building up new wheels, something strong and preferably sealed with a double sprung front end. .. I know Huffy components are cap but I'm hoping the frame holds up for a while.

    For the moment yea I pulled the hubs swapped the bearings and rebuilt then with my special sauce. .. lol.

    Proven to make even the worst pos hubs run like butter. .. coat the bearings in white lithium grease, then pack them with a half and half mixture of Park red packing grease and Slick Honey.

    Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm probably just gonna start building the tank cafe racer I have in

    Thanks guys.
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    Ya that's a nice looking bike. How was the cost of you don't mind me asking.
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