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  1. So i just received my 1st Dax 65 yesterday, i have some questions.

    1. should there be some type of lubricant on gears that drive the clutch? i pulled the cover, that whole thing is bone dry. that doesn't seem healthy.

    2. do the piston and crank bearings come lubricated? i am not adverse to tearing the thing down and lubing it all all up, if it means smoother/longer life and operation. (i am wanting to paint the cylinder, head and crank cases anyway, tear down makes that totally easy)

    3. if i do tear it down prior to ever running it, are all of the paper gaskets pretty much trash or can they be reused? the one that came on the clutch cover wasn't even installed correctly, was rubbing the clutch drive gear. if i need to replace, should i cut my own, use liquid, order new?

    4. has anyone replaced the philips head engine hardware with allen heads?philips heads on an engine SUCK, i used to strip heads on my honda CL350 all the time and HATE extracting.

    5. what the heck does the button on the carb do? the only thing i can figure is it jars the float to open the fuel valve? is there a point to that?

    thanks a ton, and keep the shiny side up.

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    that is the "tickle" button. you are correct. it floods the carb. I seldom use it.

    as for question #2.... IMO, I would not tear down the bottom end to lube. An oil-rich fuel mix, for break in, should be lube enough.

    there's a ton of info here about gaskets. have a look around.
    a search of the keyword "gaskets" showed 6 threads, including this one

    and....#4, you can replace any bolts or whatever you'd like. It is your engine.:p:lol: But you have to show off your upgrades. (with some pics) :D

    the fun has only begun. :D
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    You need to read the threads "Things I should have done the first time".


    1 Yes, a pea sized lump of grease.
    2. NO, I added somewhere between 4 and 8 oz of a castor plus synthetic oil when I checked my bushing. Piston has arrow, rings have pins. Take pictures before disassembly.
    Order new gaskets where needed. I glue them to the removable cover
    3 .Depends on how careful you are. Most people will NOT split the case. Too much work putting it back.
    4. Yes all the time , in-fact replace all of the studs and bolts with better ones.
    5 Dont laugh at the carb, It will make you cry all to easy.
    The button it to prime the carb prior to starting.
    30 pushes for me, then full choke. Pedal like you mean it for 30 feet pop the clutch.
    Dont wind the engine too high until it is warm. ( It will cold sieze) .
    After it is warm instant start mind the wheelie when popping the clutch.

    Break it in easy.
    I used 16 to one klotz super techniplate for first tank of regular gas.
    after about 5 gallons of gas I am at 25 to 1 .
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  4. Thanks for the info, thought i had read just about every thread i could find on this site, but apparently didn't run a search on gaskets. ha. anyway, the cereal box gasket thread is genius. and i just happen to handy with an exacto blade. excellent.

    found that a lot of the allen heads that are left over from my Yamaha R6 rebuild fit the bolt holes in the engine perfectly. i am thinking black engine and covers, polished fin edges, chrome allen bolts. ? or maybe leave the covers as is and black allens? this is going to be fun.

    anyway, as for splitting the case, i think that too much work is a point of view. if it takes me a month to split, paint, and reassemble, that is totally fine with me. in no hurry, and more than anything love to learn.

    thanks again.
  5. on second thought

    so after searching for any and every post on splitting the case, i think that i've determined that its not only a PITA, but nearly impossible without seriously damaging the engine? that annoys me. anyway, perhaps i will just strip it down as far as i can, mask, and then paint.
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    Search for Ebonita Well worth the trouble Pretty Engine

    Not chromed, buffed to a high shine like a mirror.
  7. Hardware

    A trip to a local hardware store resulted in all new stainless allen head engine bolts. a few of the holes needed to be dremeled a bit to fit the slightly wider heads. i also found 6mx1.0 threaded rods which i cut to length to replace the stock studs, and bought stainless nuts to go along. the whole thing should look sweet after its sprayed.

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  8. Wow you got patience. When My happy Time came in my possesion I was riding that night.
    I couldn't wait.
    I was so happy.
    I'm happy still.
    Just a note that I have never owned an engine more simple than the happy time.
    And that's why to me it's so genius.
  9. FYI: when enlarging the hole in the supplied sprocket, you need to have your drill press set at LOW rpms. high rpms will turn the hole saw into a 12 dollar smoking toothless cylinder.

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    Yes, THICK HEAVY DUTY grease, a pea size amount on every 3rd tooth !

    I would not tear anything down just yet, I would build the bike, ride it till it's runnin, by that time all the other nooks and cranies would have been sorted.
    But thats me, each to their own on that one

    Common sense prevails when you see the condition of the gaskets.
    Make sure though you silicone or grommet where the CDI wires come out from the magneto case.
    I don't use silicon on gaskets, never have. I use a paste we call here, Stag.
    It's easier to work with and been around long before silicon was invented.
    Again, it's a personal choice.

    Definately Yes, I have replaced ALL external fasteners and will continue to do so, then personaly send them back NOT to my supplier, but to our Chinese Ambassador !

    No, no need to use it, it's just there for cosmetics in my opinion.
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  11. This is immensely helpful. thanks for being so specific

    do you mean fill the hole in the cover with silicone? is there a problem prone to that area?
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    Yeah, I am not sure exactly what silicone to use, on mine it was a friend who lent me a dab at the time, enough to fill the hole, AFTER it's all wired up.
    My next build I probably fill it with Stag anyway, I like the color and it does not smell like vinigar. Stag has this odour, it's like ya in a machine shop, or weird incense.
    Point is ,block the hole to protect the electrics from dust and moisture.
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