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    I have read seveal threads in the past but never thought of joining until now. (too many bikes, not enough time LOL) I ride a Mongoose dual suspension MB with a GEBE PF-4000 Tanaka engine. I can say this is the fastest I have ever been on a bicycle. :jester: I don't have a speedo but the guys at Golden Eagle said she will do 30 plus on the flats (and that describes most of my area) Humm...... I wonder how much faster this thing can go before I get pulled over by the local law enforcement for speeding??? BTW thanks to all members for all the great info!!! :cool2:

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    Hi Tanaka, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Thanks Professor

    Thanks Professor, I am a guy with a small engine background (dad owned a auto parts house and repaired lawn equip. on the side) and delivered newspapers during my younger days starting at 10 yrs. old. Since then, I have always thought of ways to put a motor on a bike to go longer distances faster. :grin5: