New from San Diego (Clairemont)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by MikeSpies, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. MikeSpies

    MikeSpies New Member

    Hi guys!!!

    I'm real excited to be on here. Can't afford to drive my 15 MPG Jeep all thr time, so I did a simple google search and here I am!

    Havn't done any searching yet, but I'm hoping to get my big downhill bike fitted, disk brakes and 6" suspension :)

    I would love to meet up with some more SD folks and get this thing going.


  2. victortrav

    victortrav New Member

    hey hello im another noob from SD havent started yet but i filled up my civic at 4.35 a gallon something different has got to happen
  3. MikeSpies

    MikeSpies New Member

    I looked through the picture thread and settled into what I think I want to do.

    I think I'm going with a friction drive, chainsaw engine, setup.

    I will probably do all the work myself (machine shop at school).

    It will be rear mounted with a small rack built on top. I want to look into reducing noise by putting some sort of baffled muffler on the exhaust (ideas?) I dug through the chainsaw/friction drive thread and looked at gear ratios a bit.

    At WOT I'm aiming for about 35 mph or less. Any idea about how friction drive bikes climb hills?

    It will have a lever system for engine engagement (prob. spring loaded) and throttle going to the front bars.

    I'm aiming to spend less than $80, but I'm not afraid to drop a little more coin.

    Any thoughts on my plans?