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    Hi all!
    My name is Steve and I am a 55yr old kid with a lifelong love of toys and tinkering. My trade background is as a machinist and millwright and electrician and factory troubleshooter where downtime was measured in $100/minute. I have trouble sitting still.


    I also have a long history of "woodsiness" as an infantryman, hunter, scout leader and now as a volunteer Search and Rescue team member.


    Some of my projects over the years were a 70mph 150cc 1967 Honda Dream, suped up VW, 145mph 351C powered Maverick:


    Supercharged and turbocharged cars (I still own this one, 1986 SVO Mustang)


    And even converted the family van to 4wd:


    I bicycled from my first memory until I got a driver's licence, then motorcycles took over.
    My favourite ride is my 2000 KTM 125EXC


    I have a 300 as well, but smaller is often better. I had a 450 Husaberg, loved the power but so much weight. Recently I bought an E-bike (Schwinn/Currie) and love it, getting me thinking also about the gas powered jobs. I have a lot of experience with motorcycles and sleds and recently Yamaha Blaster quads. Here is a photo of an epoxied up intake for an example of how my son and I get nearly 40hp out of a 17hp two-stroke:


    My own Blaster got a KTM 250 swap


    It is a terror. I am currently building a bored and stroked Blaster motor for more tractability.

    So I come here looking for advice, maybe to share some of my experience in other fields, hoping to learn and minimize mistakes. I've lurked for a while and this looks like a good place to hang out.

    I have a cruddy old generic 10spd frame with a China Girl clone. I love it, but need more. I need more quiet, I would like to shift it, I would like some suspension and off-road capability, value lightness and would like to go forever on a litre of gas. Hopefully I've come to the right place?

    Looks like I gotta learn how to post pictures...

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