Any guess at what size engine this is? Seller does not seem to know..

Well, I am back from my Anniversary trip to NOLA tonight and struggling with pulling the trigger on both of these bikes this week. I really wanted the Cruiser, and did not consider the Survival / Special opps bike. I am going to need to get at least $1200 for the survival bike to be happy with the curiser at net price. But I have been watching videos on You tube of people taking crazy trips on the survival bike and it is looking even more appealing with the built in rack and cans etc. Even with shipping across the country for $500 plus $1200 for that bike, do you think I can find a buyer for it? Should I keep it and sell the cruiser? I am conflicted here folks :)
Just buy it all, ya know ya want too, I have a feeling you'll never get another chance with this one

When it's not my $money$ I can spend it easily :LOL:
Lol yeah it's easier to spend when the money is not yours. Lmao I have a tendency to do that thou, when working on customers vehicles. I say buy both, then you always got spare parts for the other 1 if things happens.
Yes, that is the special ops build. the first page of thread picture is the cruiser. Here is another picture.

Dear Sir-PM sent-Gearhead437