New Gas/oil Mixture Product!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Keepthedrivetommy, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys,
    I went to NAPA auto the other day, and this guy told me about this new product he just got in. Its called "Endura Plus". Its an all around oil for 2 stroke air cooled engines. It is a bottle that you mix with 5 gallons of gas, and it says that it will work with any engine that needs a gas/oil mixture between 16:1 and something like 50:1. So, I bought it, 5 bucks, and am burning as much of the gas/oil mixture that I have left in my canister as fast as I can so I can try this stuff out. The UP, you ask, this stuff creates NO, I say NO, ash when burned. That solves the problem of replacing spark plugs that collect too much ash on them, and hypothetially extend the life of your engine in general. Its clean burning, and really easy to use. No more measuring your gas/oil mixture. I probally will be trying it out within the next week or so, but if anyone else wants to check it out, go to napa. I cant find it sold anywhere online, but it is mentioned a couple of places.

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    There has been much debate on gas and oil on this site and I don't want to start anything but ,and thats a BIG BUTT, I'm an old school dude and I'm of the opinion that you should run as much oil as the engine can take. The more the better. I run both engines at 16 to one non sinthetic regular oil and let her smoke and drip and what ever. I can clean a plug if and when it becomes necessary. It hasn't yet! I just wish I could find Caster oil to add to the mix??????????????????????????? Tom in W.V.
  3. thats the other thing I forgot to mention. It is non synthetic and it actually is made for any mix ratio, not just between 16 to 1 and 50 to 1. The bottle says "ALL" ratios.

    Not trying to force anyone into using this stuff, just thought I might let you all know that its there...incase u wanted...or not.
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    thatsdax was talking to me aboute a new oil that he ran a cross that a airplane pilot recomended to him but you can only get it online forgot what but send him a PM and he will tell you what it is
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    once i break my new motor in whenever it come im gonna use maxima 927
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    i talked to dax hers his quote { Because I have a friend who has set 3 world records with his 2 stroke airplane. And he uses Amsoil and nothing else. That is why...} idk ill have to say ill be using castor oil befor i try this regular synthetic amsoil
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    Where oh where can that Caster oil be oh where oh where can it be???????? I live in Martinsburg West Virginia and have looked in the entire panhandle and surounding towns of Hagerstown ,Md. , Winchester ,Va. and Chambersburg ,Pa. With no luck?????????? Tom in W.V. I guess its off to Baltimore or Washington D.C. next!!!!!
  8. FWIW - A similar oil called "Pro Mix" is available at Lowes in the lawnmower section...It also, does the 16-50 to one mix....I use it in all my lawn care equipment and Dax 70
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  10. I got my maxima on e-bay.