New Guy and my Fat Tire Bike Prototype

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    Hello Everyone

    Thi sis Jesse from Tapei, Taiwan. New gys ere and want to share my DIY Fat Tire bike nd the motors I would like to installed on this bike.

    This fat tire chopper I refered the image I searched from web and measure the size in AutoCAD my self and make the whole bke drawing. I am a Taiwanese but working in China, the good part to live here is too easy to find different kind of factory. I found a bike frame factory and they would like to make sample for me ( Of Course I have to pay ) but I think the cost to compare with in US is really cheap and worth.

    The aluminium frame almost done and the image you saw was few days ago, The factory had mae the prototype assemblied let me try th epaddle function.

    The tire now I use is 285/40/R18 tire coz here is almost impossible find the 300mm wide tire.

    The overall length of this bike is 2.3M ( Around 7') Height is around 1.2M ( 4'4") Lookes okay and the real compalte 1st sample will be done after 10 days, I will post the image at that time to show you guys.

    The last 2 image show you the motors I would like to install on this bike, In fact I will make 2 sample , one in black and one in red color, and one I will install this 33 cc 4 dtrokes engine onto the bike and the other one will keep the peddle function only.

    Any one if you have any comments or suggestion please let me know , Tks

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    wow thats cool

    TREEWK Member

    Awsum For Sure. Keep It Coming. Thanks For Sharing . Ron
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    Welcome to Mbc

    Hey Jesse..Eno (Down Under)..Man thats a cool looking setup..Check out our long time and big time member "Graucho"..he has a build similar and has all the info..Good Luck..Eno