New guy from Wisconsin w/ a design!

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    hey guys my name is jon, and let me start out by saying you guys have got a great forum!!! Seriously i am on a couple of car forums and the amount of hazing that happens on those has become so regular its almost normal :( Thankfully your forum has some nice people on it that know a thing or two about mannors :)

    anyways..... like the title said, im from wisconsin. I always tinkered around with my bike when i was younger and dreamed about the day my father would decide to get a new mower so i could steal the old motor and hook it up to my bike:) After getting into the car scene for a long time however, my bike was sadly put on hold :(

    A 'few' cars later and i find myself driving a Jeep looking for the best mpg i can possibly get. (i have found the best way to get good mpg is not to drive it all :] )

    As winter approaches for me i am currently looking for a new project, and thought this looked like a great oppurtunity to learn some things abut bikes.

    After reading alot of your forum the last couple of weeks, i slowy started putting some ideas together. I plan on getting a motor kit from SICKBIKEPARTS.COM because it seems that they have had the best experience with their customers. I have put togther a small ROUGH drawing of what i would like the bike to look like when im finished, but have a few questions i would like to ask the guys that have been around here for a while.

    First of all, i know the drawing doesnt show pedals, but it will have them on there for a means of starting, and legality.

    Second, are there any aspects of the drawing that are an instant no-no that anybody can see?

    I will DEFINATLY have more questions about this bike that i might have for you guys, but at the moment im a little short on time.

    Any feedback is welcome!

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  2. professor

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    As long as the engine is a China kit (HT) it is fine -because it has a built-in gear reduction.
  3. 99xjon

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    Thanks professor, Any specific engine kit you recommend ? Also as far as mounting the engine, is it possible to mount it to a metal plate, or does it have to be tube mounted ?
  4. postysteve

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    RE : is it possible to mount it to a metal plate, or does it have to be tube mounted ?

    Well this depends what sort of engine you decide to fit ? a normal 2 stoke (HT) engine will be tube fitted or if you decide to fit a 4 stroke honda or a Chinese copy then that will be fitted on a metal plate.
  5. wheelbender6

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    Welcome 99. I have a scale dwg of my motorbike in AutoCAD and can sometimes use it to test fit parts.
  6. 99xjon

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    i know you guys probably get this question alot, but i have done quite a bit of research and still cant make the desicion on what motor kit to get. Once i have the kit all worked in i plan on fabbing up my own muffler along with a larger gas tank, but for now all i need is a kit. Im looking at getting a "80cc" motor, because im looking at getting the most speed as i can out of this build (it will be my main transportation on country roads). I have looked at sick bike parts shift kit and eventually that looks like something i would want to get, but for now i just need a good motor kit.

    Sorry for the re-post of a FAQ...