New guy here....

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    New guy here....
    I did a bad thing :dunce: in Oregon a while back, a state where apparently law enforcement makes sure that bad things DO happen to good people. And so anyway, I am "without license" these days.
    A couple months back I bought a Puch 2-cycle pedalmoped that is in pretty good shape cosmetically but which has a rusted & gunky gas tank & carb, which I need to get to, ASAP before the sunny days run out.
    I've also got daily access to a 24v eBike, which I ride but which is quite underwhelming speed-wise, but it's kinda cool.
    What I'd really like to get for myself though, until my dark & stormy seas flatten out, is a 4-cycle engine on an ordinary, but tough, mountain bike. Here in Idaho, the limit's 49cc's & 30mph (maybe 35...... but who's counting. ohya..... :bowdown: the :helmet: with the blue & red lites are.... :whistling:my bad...
    so arrest me. no. wait. i take that back....)
    gonna poke around this new site of ya'll's, contribute useful stuff when I can, and just become part of the community.
    Kevin Kendall

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    Hello and welcome aboard, have fun looking around.
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    New guy

    Thanks for the 'howdy,' Happy.
    Will do!