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    Hello people! :grin:
    :cool:I need cheap transportation to town which is 7 miles away over hill(big ones) and dale. And so I was looking at some of the motor kits on ebay. And yes I know, half are junk...however...I was referred here by one of the vendors.
    :DI am also designing a micro-ATC(All-Terrain-Kart) and I plan to use 50cc-100cc motors. So finding info on stock performance specs and easy mods is helpful.
    I also have an avid interest in alternative energy, -alternative transportation- and of course...engines...gas, diesel, propane, electric, JET...and so on.
    I am the type of guy who will entertain almost any idea for the sole purpose of coming up with a better one.


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    Welcome to MBC. I'm sure you will get some help here. Tons of very knowledgeable folks here.
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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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    welcome lizard!
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    Welcome aboard Lizard.
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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
    Tons of wonderful threads and posts to read thru and get the occasional giggle.
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    Welcome to Mbc. There is quite a bit of creative genius on this site. It's fun to watch the ideas and improvements people come up with.
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    Welcome to the tribe from the Giant Side of Texas!