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    First post on this site. Looks like a good one. After perusing the gallery, saw some great ingenuity, and creativity, on some builds. Just finished a kit build with an old Free Spirit 10 speed and Spooky Tooth 48cc. Have built a couple of cruisers previously, but I'm going to keep this one, at least for the summer. I like being able to shift gears, on this one. Wife and I also ride 150cc scooters (2), mopeds (couple of Tomos,a Batavus), and lots of bicycling (Cannondale, Trek). I love to work on bikes, and smaller two/four stroke engines. Temps in the 60's, and sunny today. Anyone in SW Cleveland area that likes to scoot, motorbike, or bicycle, drop me a line.
    Beautiful day. I'm going to finish my coffee, log off, check the tires, gas-up, get out, and RIDE!!!!

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    Welcome to the forum. It's cool that your wife share's your interests. Mine would rather shop. Have a Burning River ale for me.
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    Sandusky Here