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  1. deXtrous

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    So I'm going to get straight to the point, I registered to the forum initially to put a motor on my bike, but suddenly today I have thought of a much better idea.

    I was watching a youtube video about this guy fixing a motor to his skateboard. It gave me the idea to do something similar, but much more sinister.

    This is a freebord


    As you can see it has six wheels, enabling it to carve sideways on the streets as a snowboard does down a slope. It's basically a snowboard on gravel :evilgrin: It even stops like a snow board by putting on heel side edge... The problem with the **** things are that they can't go up hill!

    I was thinking there would somehow be a way to attach a fuel or electric powered motor to the thing, allowing it to go up hill and create the most awesome ride ever!

    I haven't bought one of the things yet, but do you guys think this is possible? I'm not all for the engineering mechanics side of things, but maybe some of you are. Price is not a major object :)

    cheers, and if you're having trouble comprehending what I just wrote, here's a video that may help you understand a bit better

    Goodbye folks!

  2. MikeJ

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    Possible? Sure. Practical? Not at all. It will be expensive to engineer the transmission components. It is not at all street legal. When you hit the first shallow pothole, manhole depression, or ridge higher than one inch, you will go flying face first to the pavement.

    Think this one over for a while before you spend your money and time.
  3. professor

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    Dex, you got a real good word from Mike.
    Now, what kind of bike do you want to do?
  4. jjstanza

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    I say try it if you want to. You are still young and heal a lot better than us older folks. Us old dogs don't like to learn new tricks like working wheel chairs, eating through a tube etc. I am no longer able to recover from face plants like I used to so I am more careful now. [Common sense jumps up here] No you better not do it. It just looks like a hospital visit waiting to happen if you are lucky. Bikes can be dangerous but what you propose would be totally foolish in my opinion.
  5. professor

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    JJ- your comments were so good I had to show my wife. Great laugh you gave us.
    I hope Dex comes back to join the mirth.
  6. deXtrous

    deXtrous New Member

    Okay folks I've decided to scrap the freebord idea (for now [​IMG]) and reverting to my original plan of putting a 49cc pocket bike motor onto a mountain bike.

    I had the pocket bike motor from an old pocket bike (surprisingly!) so I thought that would be a good place to start.

    I know the gear ratios and drive sprockets are all messed up for these motors, so I was wondering where I could buy a transmission similar to what this guy has with his, minus the refashioned larger sprocket of course!


    And my motor, just for reference!


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  7. augidog

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    it's good to see you start using your head before you lose it...all i had for you was "if you think you might like laying down on a belt-sander, then by all means build that thing."

    the cag-47 is a fairly nice chinese engine, stude13 let me try one on the gebe, i hung a HT muffler off it and it roared along at a speed i'd rather not advocate here...depending on your style preference, you'll find a few nice systems that are already geared to directly accept the cag's 76mm clutch. researching those setups would be a good way to figure out your final gearing config no matter what style you eventually choose.

    welcome to the MBc :cool2:
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