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    I build and ride all kinds of bikes and trikes, with and without engines. I do prefer the motored ones though. I have some hills and flats here and love to just open them up and ride. When the warmer weather gets here they are all I use for transportation, in my small town. I have been riding them here for almost 3 years and have had -0- problems with the Police. Well there was that time they stopped me for questioning,,, but it was all about the bike, I swear. Most of the Officers I have dealt with are way cool and love the idea of a motoredbike. But like most public servants, they tell me that its just to expensive a hobby for them. Right now my dream is to do a coast to coast run, take a whole summer and do it right. It would have to be a kind of circular route because I'm located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Some extra time to spend in New Orleans would be cool, as well as just getting some sun in Bocca. And don't forget,,, I'm going to Disneyland, when I make it to California! My Dad thinks I'm nuts, but I'm gonna go for it. On past trips he does all of my baby sitting of my cats, so I think that is why he acts like he does. Anyway, I really like to look at the pictures, they really help me to get creative.
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    Welcome aboard. Would you care to say what town you are in? A couple years ago I spent several days wandering around backwoofs Colorado - did the Alpine Lakes Scenic Byway drive, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Telluride, Mesa Verde, Wolf Creek Pass, various spots along the roads between.

    That was in my Corolla. I'd love to spend a month or two just exploring Colorado on my trike, with my tent trailer in tow, turning up side roads whenever they looked interesting. One of the prettiest towns in North America is Cedaredge, IMO.

    Shows some pics of your bike and trike builfs, please.