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    Hi ,.. I bought the chinese kit off ebay for about $165.. spent part time dec and finished the bike in Jan on a Huffy 26" (huffy is not so great of a brand) ..
    buying from a pawn shop may not be a good idea .. ;) --

    The chinese manual says put the 2 rubber pieces together on the spokes but when i took the wheel into bike shop he said all the ones he saw were sandwiching the spokes and i saw a video install that also sandwiches .. which means i need to bend the brake arm .. i did and im still trying to get that right ... the engine is in break in for 1st 50 miles and got about 15 miles left on that ... i love the no-DMV garbage needed for these things ... no ins, reg, title, etc.
    though u may need a driver's license .. but it depends on the state .. Central FL here ..
    Nice to meet you all!

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    Welcome to MBc Eric

    Yeah it takes a bit of practice to get those 2 rubber "plates" sorted.
    I use a bit of rubber grease, line everything up, finger tight all the way round, leap frog sequence, taking up the slack each time.

    There are after market versions that do away with the rubbers, a search here will get you there, but if it's your 1st build, probably wont be the last.

    All the best