New KSD Boardtracker build

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  1. openaxisdesigns

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    Hi everyone.
    I'd like to share my first build with you.

    All work was done by my own hands, the motor mounts, clutch cable mod, exhaust, fuel filler cap and bung, welding, painting etc.
    The paint is a British racing green metallic

    The base components were a Felt Twin , and a Grubee 66.

    The project took 14 days.

    The photography in compliments of my fiancée.



  2. darth garfunkel

    darth garfunkel New Member

    Sweet build! What did you need to do to the felt frame to build the tank into it? I'd like to see more of went into those motor mounts too. Super nice.
  3. Basementchoppers

    Basementchoppers New Member

    great looking bike! did you vent the gas cap? I'm making one and was wondering how you hid it.....
  4. openaxisdesigns

    openaxisdesigns New Member

    tank venting

    To vent the tank I milled a .02" slot under the o-ring seat.
    By unscrewing the cap an 1/8 turn the o-ring exposes the slot. You only need a very small opening to vent.


  5. Perty sweet!

    *edit* You should also think about getting a brake for the front wheel.
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  6. Drunkskunk

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    Sweet bike!

    What did you do for the Gas tank? I've seen a few others do it, but not in the center of the tank, and welding an Aluminum structural member like that would anneal it. did you have to have the frame heat treated after?

    Felt had a front drum brake in that same style hub, it only came on the 3 speeds bikes.
  7. biketec

    biketec Member

    Nice bike!
    That wood work you do is flippin amazing!!! You are a very talented man!!!
  8. Wheres my dog

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