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    Hello people, I've been modifying cruisers for a couple of years. Now it's time to motorize. I can't find anybody local to advise me so here I am. Me and my wife will be at the race on the 7th. Are there vendors there to pick the brains of? Parts for sale? Once again I'm unskilled with this type of forum, any advise on how to communicate, not eye to eye would be helpful. I've been checking this site recently and seems to be slot of you that are very knowledgeable in all things mb. Thanks in advance for any advise

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    Hey Dave
    The race is on Saturday June 2nd 2012 at Grange Motor Circuit.

    Only 2 days to go!

    Come on up and say Hi.
    Are you bringing a bike and riding on the track?, and are the
    main vendors that will be there but you would have to call them beforehand to
    bring any parts that you want to buy.

    It's a really fun day with the state of the art motor bike builds, almost as much of a
    show as a race.

    If you need any more info send me an email to
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