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    Hello everyone...I'm Ben and live in Portland Oregon. I've installed 2 gubbee 48cc 2 stroke centrifugal pullstart engines on mine and my girlfriends schwin mountain bikes in three days. And almost loved every minute. Lol but now I don't think the 48cc is going to cut it. We have many grades and the engines just don't have the power to climb most of them. I'm thinking of going with the 80cc but not sure. Anyway Thanks

  2. srdavo

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    Hi Ben,

    Your engines will gain some power as they become 'broke in'.

    You can get larger rear sprockets to help with hill climbing.

    Welcome to MBc :D

  3. wheelbender6

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    If the power is still inadequate after breakin, a shift kit would probably help as much as a larger engine.
    On the other hand, if you have a multispeed bicycle, you can pedal to help the motor on hills before it loses too much RPM. You can't really do that with a single speed bicycle.
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    I've got 7 speeds left on my bikes. I had to take the front gears off because of the wide engines pull system and it's centrifugal clutch. So I do use the 7 gears to help with hills. But bit engines seem weak. I've had them for a year now. I think they have around 40 miles on them. I'm not sure how long the break in is.
    I've been hearing about the shift kit, but I was under the impresion it was the bikes gears. Looks like they are not the same. And I'll have to do some more research. Thanks guys for the info. And any other info you might have. Ben