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  1. rijopiatt

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    My wife gave me a 1940 Schwinn (model D97X-O) for Christmas. This is the unequipped one in "barn find" condition: surface rust on everything, wrong seat, wrong chain ring, etc. That's o.k., because I'm not restoring it, but making a motor bike. This site will help alot.

    rijopiatt in Indiana

  2. Whizzerd

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    Welcome! These forums are great. These guys are doing some amazing stuff. Friendly and helpful too. Hey, I'm in Muncie, good luck with your build.
  3. sfrank69

    sfrank69 New Member

    Muncie TOO

    me too Muncie

    is this YOU MIKE A. ???

    if so drop me a note: I lost your email..

    I got a BGF unit....
  4. HoughMade

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    Glad to have you here- good luck!

    I'm in Valparaiso and my MB is a common sight around here.

    Happy motoring and building!
  5. sfrank69

    sfrank69 New Member

    I am in the middle of my first build

    a mid winter project..........