New Canadian member with a 1919 Evans Powercycle

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  1. Captainkcorb

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    This looks like a great site. I found it while spelunking in Google for parts and pictures.

    A friend picked up this Evans in an antique shop, and the story was it had been hung in a barn for ages. As there is little but surface rust it might be what saved it.

    There's a thread in Heritage lane with another fellow dealing with this bike and once I'm able to post I'll contact him and probably start a new thread. This bike has virtually every part in unbroken condition (including the seat) and I've taken several hundred photos of the disassembly.

    I live in Ontario, Canada and older motorcycles are my main hobby. The owner of the Evans has asked me to restore it for him and it looks like quite the adventure.



  2. Happy Valley

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    Hello Capn, welcome and some pics of that would be great when you get a chance.
  3. curtisfox

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    Thasts going to be a awesome venture..Good luck
  4. Captainkcorb

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    A couple of Evans pics

    Here's a couple of shots of the Powercycle. Hopefully this works like other forums for uploading. The three pics are how we found it, the start of the teardown, and the forlorn collection of bits that is now the project. Actually the wheels and hubs have been stripped since and it's waiting for a decision on paint.

    If there is any interest or need, this bike was remarkably complete and original and I've taken numerous shots of it's subassemblies before teardown.



  5. curtisfox

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    Were did you get the instrucktions to download the pictures like that? I need to learn..............Curt

    That is a AWESOME FIND sure wish I could find something like that,just have to make my own I gues.....Curt
  6. Captainkcorb

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    Hi Curt,

    Thanks and it's that makes it easy for me. You upload photos from your drive to their site. Now each photo has an 'image tag' that copies to the clipboard when you click on it. You just paste that into the post that you're writing and when you preview it, there it is.

    It's important to reduce the image size from what your camera provides. I use Picasa for this and their '800 pixel' image export size gives the best tradeoff for resolution and size. The file that gets uploaded to Photobucket and then to the forum is under 400K

    That's what I know and it works for me. I'll likely be starting a thread in the Heritage Lane forum. As for the project, on the downside the list of things the bike needs has grown from head and tail light assemblies and a stand to a new or replacement piston and rings. There's over 10 thou. vertical play in the piston around the pin, and the top two rings are broken. On the upside, I received a copy of the original owner's manual and parts catalogue today from a kind fellow in the Cincinnati area.

    All the best,