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    an avid road cyclist, at 68 and still working (part time) I picked up a motorized bicycle to help with the rising gas costs.
    Just got thru going over NYS DMV rules covering motorized bicycles and...
    Am totally confused.
    The best I'm able to ascertain is: Motorized Biycles or bicycles with motors on them are...illegal on the roads of New York (??)
    So; here I is, a new member hoping to get the right answers before rolling out on the road and right into a court room:icon_cry:

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    Ranger...Check out our Motored Biking Laws & Legislation forum for what is up in New York...I'm sure you will find your answers.

    Welcome To MBC. If you can't find the answers to your questions, go to the proper Forum and statart asking questions. The series is: Search. Read-Read-Read, and then Ask.
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  3. im from new york also. and i half way looked at some things, as i too have a motorized bike. and as far as i could tell, yes gas and electric bikes are illegal in NY. and from what i was reading there is no way to make them legal by insuring or licensing them. but im not 100% sure. i guess you could call the DMV and ask. i just ride mine. i really dont care if its illegal or not...
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    I'm no authority on the laws concerning MBs but it does seem as though there are places where these are not road legal. I've heard that New York is one of them.

    On the bright side, though, it does seem as though the police in these places don't seem to care a lot IF the operator behaves like a boy scout when riding.

    There are bound to be exceptions and you might get unlucky. But you might ride for quite some time and get away with it. If you do get nailed, then you could always sell the bike and fall back on an electric.

    Good luck to you.
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    Hi Ranger, especially look at the most recent part of the post on NY that was mentioned.
    I am one of the people who kicked in info on it. I am riding legal here.
  6. i think electric are illegal in NY also. actually more i believe is said about the electrics being illegal than the gas assists.... like i said i really dont care if im breaking the law. and actually this is pretty funny. they are now talking about in new york state making everyone register , license, and inspect REGULAR BICYCLES. and it costs $25 a year. also some bikes will have to carry insurance. new york is really stupid. i am really tired of this state. you have to break laws to live here. because they have laws for everything. and the dumbest things you can imagine. so everyone in new york is a "criminal"