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    I have just joined the ranks of those who believe in motorized bikes, and I love it. I have been researching the subject of alternative forms of transportation and decided that the best for me (as I love to tinker and love anything mechanical) was to get the ubiquitous Chinese two-stroke kit. After ordering the kit from BikeBerry (closest to me in Oregon) I went to look for a bike. At a local bike store, after finding nothing to my liking I asked the woman behind the counter if she knew of any other places I could look. She asked me if I would be interested in a motorized bike, and I perked right up. Even though I had ordered the kit I asked what the price was, and she already had the owner on the phone, and she handed me the phone and said "This is James, he wants $325 for it" and handed me her phone. I talked for a few, and then offered James $200. He paused and then said yes. I went to his place and we dug it out of the back of his shop which, by the way was filled with literally hundreds of bikes, from ancient collectables to modern WalMart ****. We rolled the bike into the open and he said it ran before he parked it, always a bad sign but, after rolling it up and down his road a few times it sputtered to life and he was off. I figured it was best to quickly pay him and leave, as I was beginning to hear the banjo from Deliverance. I cleaned her up, new tires, fresh plug and gas, cleaned the carb and on the first rolloff she started right up and has ran wonderful ever since. Belpow is a picture of her today.

    motorbike2012 001 (800x600).jpg motorbike2012 002 (800x600).jpg

    I put on fenders, the rack and got a good Kryptonite lock as well. Next is a front and rear light, maybe brake and turn signal LEDs. The seat I picked not just for the spring action but the flowers would preclude anyone from thinking about stealing it, as even I admit is is pretty ugly. I don't care, it softens the blows on my aging butt and that works for me.

    I live in Eugene, Oregon where we have miles of bike paths, unfortunately the city of Eugene does not allow riding powered devices on their precious paths, the city of Springfield (across the river...Google earth it) does allow them as long as you limit speed to 15mph. I can do that (sometimes) but there is no enforcement of the law as we do not have lots of people using the paths, thus little law enforcement presence.

    I have many questions, will peruse the other forums to see what I can find. Happy motoring!

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    Love the flowers on the saddle!