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    Hello everyone. I plan on building a motorized bike, so I figured that it would be a good idea to come here for help. I have no past experience working with bikes, so I'm a noob.

    I bought an engine kit from ebay (zoombicycle) recently for a school engineering project. I'll be using a Schwinn Sidewinder for this project, so if anyone else has also used this type of bike for this, your input would be great. One problem I am already sure I'll run in to is mounting the engine. The bottom part of my bike frame seems to be too thick for the motor mounts, so what do I do? Don't I have to drill into the bike or something?


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    Do not drill....there are many here who have used different methods of mounting.
    Here is an example:

    Search the subject and many ideas will come up. You will also find many pic's of a downtube that seperated due to drilling.
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    Thanks a lot for the suggestions guys! I installed my sprocket tonight but I'm having trouble tightening the bolts so the lock washers flatten out because I don't have any wrenches that fit the bolts. Do you guys know if I need metric tools or something?
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    Welcome to MBc. You will definately want to have a 10mm wrench. Those motors and parts are made in China. All metric.