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    Hey all. I am new here and new to the motorized bikes scene. My story goes like this.......Got tired of pedaling 80 miles a week so I tore apart a weedeater and screwed on an axle peg. I also tore apart an electric chainsaw and used the long chain guide attached to the motor. I used the stem off a bmx bike and used a pipe cutter to cut the bevel off the bottom of the stem. I drilled a hole through the chainsaw chain guide and bolted the stem right to it. Since I ride an ez1 recumbent I bolted the goose neck to the downtube of the recumbent and she-bang. Instant motorized bike. The motor is completely under the seat so I dont have the unattractiveness of a motor hanging off the back. Friction drive with a junk hand grip over the axlepeg for better grip. Since I ride in sub-zero weather and snowy wet conditions it does slip a bit but I learned to stay out of puddles already.. Since I put the motor on it I have only ridden maybe 5 miles a week..Weird how that managed to work out. The only cost was a new primer bulb and fuel lines ($10) since I got the weedeater free and just used parts I had laying around. I am thinking of switching the setup and mount the motor on the right side of the bike (away from traffic) so it will be harder for the police to see that it is motorized and it may be able to stand on the kickstand without falling over. Trying to figure out a cheap way to mount a sprocket (rear wheel) and make it direct drive via a chain and sprocket. Lots more I could say but long enough post as it is. I will take a picture of the setup soon and post it.

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    Welcome to MBc. It's good to see more bent riders here.
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    Welcome to MBc! Sounds like a lot of thinking went into your weadeater build. What city
    are you in? Glad your here.
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    I am just north of the cities right near Blaine/Fridley in Spring Lake Park. Not much thought went into it. It only took me a couple days to do it and the parts seemed to be screaming to me to use them. Very simple motorization job. I put more effort into getting the motor running correctly than it took to build. I don't think I like the friction drive and think it stresses the shaft to much. Then again it is very simple to disconnect and the entire set-up only weighs a few pounds so the added weight is not an issue.
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    welcome -- enjoyed your entro

    have fun as you -- ride the motor bike
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    Here is 2 pictures of the way it is set up. 1 picture shows the gooseneck and the other shows the chainsaw blade that was used. Aww man them pictures makes me need to wash that poor devil of a bike.

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