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    Hi everyone. I have been riding a bike for transportation since 1986, as I am getting older the long rides are longer and really take alot out of me, so I just purchaced from scgreenmotors a shwinn seacher 7 speed comfort speedster/66/80cc 2009 starfire gt4 motor. I will get it sometime in the next few days. I bought it as a kit not assembled as I like to build my own so as to know what I have/ the best way to check quality is to build it yourself. will post my expierience with the build and any problems I encounter during the build. this is my first motored bike and will not be my last for sure.
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    Hi Dennis, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    you can almost certainly say that again. when you get tired of tinkering w/the chinese frame mount 2-strokes, look up the GEBE kit.

    welcome to the site...
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    Welcome to MBc, Dennis.